About eHome RealEstate

eHome RealEstate's Purpose

eHome RealEstate was designed to help real estate agents better understand the homebuyer education process as well as help homebuyers understand the responsibilities and process involved in purchasing a home. At the same time, provide the real estate agent with continuing education credits for renewal of their licenses.   

Upon successful completion of the course, the real estate agent can obtain a certificate of completion.   The real estate agent's successful completion will automatically be entered into the licensing agencies data base to assure credit on relicensing.

How eHome RealEstate was Developed

eHome RealEstate was developed as a partnership between Wyoming Community Development Authority, the Wyoming Real Estate Commission and Community Ventures Corporation (CVC), a NeighborWorks® Chartered Member based in Lexington, Kentucky.

This program was developed around the "Realizing the American Dream" educational text, created by Neighborworks® America. From this content, numerous educational videos were produced along with interactive forms and other downloadable materials. All items in this program are designed to enhance understanding of the homebuying process, from start to finish.